SUSHIDO〜Nigiri-zushi & Sushi roll〜

Directly by the daughter of a sushi chef


Do you know “SUSHIDO


SUSHIDO” is an experience Japanese culture and Japanese life through sushi and acquire a Japanese spirit!!

You will also learn the Japanese spirit while experiencing what is important in a Japanese room and how to enjoy communicate with Japanese people even if you cannot speak Japanese with eating sushi!!

Nigiri-sushi & Sushi roll
Miso soup
*Ingredients used in miso soup change daily. 
Vegetarian menu

・Thick roll
  ・2 sushi rolls
  ・1 sushi roll and 2 Egg Nigiri-zushi or

  ・1 sushi roll, 1 Egg Nigiri-zushi

   and 1 Inari-zushi
・Chose sushi rolls from
  ・Cucumber roll
  ・Ume-shiso roll
  ・Takuan roll
  ・Kanpyo roll
  ・Natto roll

1. The place is on 2F at Sushi bar!! The venue will be on the second floor of the sushi bar that has been running over 60 years. Go through the sushi bar to the room on the second floor. When you go upstairs, take off your shoes. It is held in a Japanese-style room. Not only sushi culture, you can also make simple chopstick rests and experience Japanese culture!!
2. Omotenashi
We will give you socks before entering the room. Do you know why? You can learn not only about “Sushi” but also about Japanese culture and ” Japanese hospitality”. There are also words before and after meals.
3. Sushi history
You would enjoy sushi history quiz. 
you will also know  the origin of sushi. What is ” Edomae-sushi” ?
Is it good for trip story?
4. Technical terms of sushi
Originally, the rule of a sushi bar was to use “hidden words” at the counter so that customers would not understand.
It might be interesting to understand the origin?
5. Order sushi in Japanese
Learn simple Japanese for ordering.

You will order the original sushi you want to eat. It’s up to you if you can eat original sushi!
6. The best way of eating sushi
Do you eat sushi deliciously?
One of the answers to the sushi chef’s “hospitality” is to eat deliciously.

How about teaching a travel souvenir how to eat deliciously?
7. Trivia at Sushi bar
Learn some tidbits to make your sushi experience more enjoyable!
8. Practice what you’ve learn at the counter!!
Order the original sushi
and practice what you have learned.
You can enjoy talking with sushi chef at the counter.
( about 1h30m later)
9. Certificate & Souvenir
You could get a certificate and souvenir. This experience as a whole will be a close representation to real life in Japan. We hope you enjoy this trip.
 <Experience Time>
 *Time required depends on the number of people

 <Start time> 

10:00/11:00/12:00/13:00/14:00/15:00 (National holiday & Weekends)
16:00/17:00/18:00/19:00 (Weekdays, National holiday & Weekends)
 *Please feel free to contact us for other times





1 person 10,980 yen  
2 people 10,500 yen /1 person Total : 21,000 yen 
3 people 10,000 yen /1 person Total : 30,000 yen
4 people 9,500 yen /1 person Total : 38,000 yen
5 people
9,000 yen /1 person Total : 45,000 yen 

1 parson Vegetarian 10,480 yen
(Maximum 5 people) 



Things Japanese People Don’t Know About Sushi

You could be…
*Join us  if you fall into the category.
• You could enjoy to communicate with Japanese customers and a sushi chef.

•You could know taste of traditional sushi.

• You could try to communicate with Japanese in Japanese.

• You could enjoy the taste of authentic sushi at the counter.
Highly recommended for
*Join us  if you fall into the category.
• People who want to communicate with sushi chef with over 50 years experience in Japanese.
•People who want to enjoy the atmosphere of local Tokyo and feel a real Japanese lifestyle even if you are traveling.
•People who want to go to a genuine Sushi bar that has a sushi counter.
•People who know only sushi go round and taking away sushi. pronunciation.
•People who want to know the authentic sushi.
•People who want to communicate with Japanese regular customers at sushi bar.

Step.1 Booking/Inquiry
Please make a reservation using the inquiry form. Please include the number of participants and the day you would like.
Step.2 Contact
We will reply within 1-3 business days.
*if we do not reply within 3 business days please contact us again or call us. We will inform you of a transfer destination account once the details have been confirmed. The booking will be completed after the transfer and will take approximately 24 hours. *Cancellation policy.
Step.3 Attend
Please arrive at the decided time and try to be punctual, we will wait approximately 10 minutes, if you are over 10 minutes we will regard this as a no show. If you will be late, please contact us in advance and we can try to accommodate.